Fit Guide

Vintage sizing is unreliable when it comes to the print; always trust the measurements.

~Find your most tried and true garments in your own wardrobe and measure those pieces for comparison to the measurements we list~

Save the measurement details on your device for future reference.

Bam, now you know what sizes to shop. You’ve got this vintage shopping thing down. 

Reward yourself! 

Shirts: lay flat to measure


Length (L) - top from side of neck where fabric begins straight down to the bottom where fabric ends. 
Chest (C) - edge of fabric to edge of fabric across the chest, just below the armpits. 
Shoulder (S) - across the back of the garment, at the top, edge of fabric to edge of fabric.

Jeans/Pants: lay flat to measure  


Waist (W) - Top most part of waistband, outside to outside. 
Hips (H) - Outside edge to outside edge just under the bottom of zipper sewing. 
Rise (R) - Start of fabric above button/clasp at the waistband to the crotch. 
Thigh (T) - Crotch to outside edge.
Inseam (I) - Crotch to bottom of fabric along the inside