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  • 1) We do the work for you. Shopping all over the state of Michigan to find you the best thrifted threads.

  • 2) Everything is laundered in eco-friendly, free + clear detergent.

  • 3) Pick your favorite unique garments.

  • 4) Buy. We deliver straight to your door. Easy af to get thrifted goods.

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I love it when someone compliments what I'm wearing and my reply is, "thanks, it's vintage"

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Tried + True Tees

Find your new favorite broken in t-shirt now

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Blouses+Blazers+Sweaters+Tops that's the way we like to shop

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All the styles from all the ages

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When they think you put a lot of effort in but you really just slipped a dress on.

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Everything here is unique, just like you, hand picked and ready to wear. Our planet already houses billions of clothing items and by purchasing used you can help do your part to stop fast fashion pollution. Buy used. Be the change.

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    Secondhand clothing is unique.

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    Buying used clothing saves resources.

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    You are helping reduce fast fashion demand.

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    You extend a garment's life-cycle.